Tuesday 24 January 2012

What's poppin'?

Hello and welcome to the Gum Girl blog!

The countdown has finally begun for Gum Girl’s first comic book adventures in Gum Girl: Catastrophe Calling! which will be available in March! Yay!

In the run up to the Big Day we’ve got lots in store for you and will be showing you round the town of Catastrophe (where everything goes wrong), preparing you for Calamity Primary School (where disaster rules the day), and introducing you to a whole team of crazy villains and kooky characters. Fizz pop!

Every weekday from the 1st February we’ll be updating the Gum Girl Webcomic with a new page from the first story in Catastrophe Calling! For FREE! Subscribe now so you don’t miss a thing! Yeah!

There’s already LOADS of fun stuff for you to find here though, including Gum Girl wallpaper for you to download, Gum Girl Collectors Cards for you to - that's right! - collect and a Gum Girl Flipbook for you to make. Plus you can meet Andi and start getting handy tips to help you win a prize for inventing the best supervillain! Yeehah!

Happy browsing, bloggers! And make sure you come back very soon!

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