Catastrophe Calling! (Book One)

Three stories starring a bubbly new superheroine!

The Town of Catastrophe is in chaos! A giant robot is running riot in the streets. Follicle Fiend is masterminding a hair-brained attack. And Caesar Salad wants world dinner domination. Calamity Primary School is in real trouble... There's just one thing these crafty criminals aren't counting on - Grace Gibson, the new girl in town. Watch out! It's time to stick it to the bad guys!

March 2012 • £6.99 • ISBN 9781406329391

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The Tentacles of Doom! (Book Two)

Gum Girl bounces into action in three more FIZZ-POPPING comic adventures!

Dust Bunny is out for revenge in the halls of Calamity Primary School - and he likes to fight dirty. Octopus Prime, evil underwater eight-armed genius, has a dastardly plot that could threaten the lives of all in Catastrophe. And nasty Sick St Nick has taken all the fun out of the fair with his unique version of Winter Wonderland. But never fear, Gum Girl's here! And it's time for your favourite new super-heroine to fight crime, grime and the craftiest super-villains of all time AGAIN!

August 2012 • £6.99 • ISBN 9781406329407