Tuesday 13 August 2013

Gum Girl book 4. Uniform Uproar page 2

When I drop my daughter off at school I always feel bad for the kids who've forgotten when it's a non-uniform day, so Billy claimed to have forgot. Of course, every day is non-uniform day for Billy as he never wears a tie and always has on his hoody. I hope someone puts it through the wash at weekends.

I wondered which villain in the Gum Girl universe it would be easiest to create a costume for. I decided on Caesar Salad. A few items of veg, an ivy wreath, a pair of flip-flops, an old bed sheet and voila!

I also like the lad in the helmet (inspired by the musicians in Daft Punk) and the Octopus Prime outfit. He's either very handy with a needle and thread or one of those kids whose parents always "help" them with their homework.

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