Wednesday 29 February 2012

Gum Girl SECRET files

Hi, this is Andi, the person who makes Gum Girl. I'm sneaking on the blog (don't tell anyone, will you?) to share some of the SECRET behind the scenes stuff from Gum Girl. Unfortunately I don't just sit down and start drawing from page one and have a bunch of neat stories at the end. It'd be so much easier if I was clever enough to make it up as I went along. Instead I actually have to plan what I'm going to do. Boo.

 The first thing I wanted to do when I started Gum Girl was design the costume. Why? Because that's the most fun thing to do at the beginning, and if I have a good costume then I can build on that. I usually doodle in my sketchbook (tip for young cartoonists: keep a sketchbook and draw in it every day*) trying out different ideas like the ones in the pic. I knew I was dealing in gum and bubbles so I used rounded shapes. I know bubble gum is pink so I had that in mind as a colour scheme (I didn't have a pink pen on hand so used a red one here) and I played around with the idea of stripes, like on a candy cane.

 These are my early attempts. What do you think? Do you prefer some of these to the finished design?
I'll sneak back soon to share more from Gum Girl's SECRET long as I'm not caught!

*Secret sketchbook tip. You don't have to buy a fancy expensive sketchbook, you can clip a lot of separate sheets of printer paper to a piece of cardboard. That way you have all your doodles in the same place and have the cardboard to rest on.


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